Linear Low density polyethylene





LLDPE is a thermoplastic obtained through the selection of catalyst and regulation of reaction conditions, having a high capacity for heat sealing and therefore it is widely used to seal bales of beer cans, soft drinks and PET plastic bottles.

It has good impact, puncture, chemical, tear, and tensile resistance and is very flexible, which makes it deform long before it breaks.

It is a material that retains water vapor and forms plastic fibers that can be used in thermal and acoustic insulation, it is capable of producing thinner, more resistant and recyclable plastic films and wires, maintaining the characteristics of flexibility, lightness and transparency. As it is a linear polymer, it is mainly intended for the manufacture of films, but this polymer is present in production lines for security envelopes, primary and secondary packaging in the food sector, domestic and industrial utensils, cleaning, hygiene, energy and telecommunications wires and cables, among other sectors.

It is also used for automatic packaging as it has instant sealing capability and has high printing capacity, ensuring good presentation of the final product.
Code: Polipack 003

Size: 25 kilos


- Stretchable Films
- Bales of beverage cans and bottles
- Plastic bags
- Leaves
- Bags
- Toys
- Industrial films
- Disposable diapers
- Absorbents
- Canvas
- Pharmaceutical and Hospital Articles
- Electrical Cable Coatings
- Bubble plastic
- Household items

Technical Features:

- Good Mechanical Strength
- Good tensile strength
- Good Impact Resistance
- Good Perforation Resistance
- Excellent Thermo-oxidizing Resistance
- Light
- Non-toxic, Odorless and Tasteless
- Stable
- High flexibility
- Stretch under Stress
- Good Electrical Property
- High chemical resistance
- Low moisture absorption

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