Low density polyethylene





Low Density Polyethylene is a plastic resin, non-toxic, flexible, light, with low electrical and thermal conductivity, transparent, waterproof and very versatile.

It is one of the most used thermoplastics on the market and widely used in aseptic carton packs such as milk cartons. It is the lightest and most flexible version of Polyethylene and combines toughness, high impact resistance, good processability, stability and contains remarkable electrical properties.

It has the ability to form thin films and that is why it is used in the manufacture of shrink films, it also has good mechanical and electrical resistance.

LDPE has different processing options, it can be heated until plasticized and injected into a mold, where it solidifies and takes on the shape of the mold. It can also be heated with a plastification cylinder and the head of a blowing machine generates a tube, which is positioned inside the mold and by applying compressed air inside the mold, hollow or closed pieces are produced.

Extrusion blow molding can also be used, in this case, the air is blown inside the tube with the mold closed, which makes the Polyethylene inflate until it reaches the shape of the part, after cooling the mold is opened and the piece is withdrawn.
Code: Polipack 002

Size: 25 kilos


- Films for industrial packaging, hygiene, liquid food, solid food and agricultural products.
- Laminated and Plasticized Films for Food
- All kinds of plastic bags
- Heat shrink films
- Flexible Bottles
- Thermal Bottles
- Bottles for Cosmetics, Medicines and Food
- Tubes and Hoses for Water
- Vehicles for Masterbatch
- Contractors
- Housewares
- Plastification
- Beer and soda bales
- Transparent bags of food such as rice and beans

Technical Features:

- Ability to form thin films, with a thickness of up to 0.015 mm
- Good mechanical strength
- Good electrical resistance
- High impact resistance
- Light
- High flexibility
- good tenacity
- Excellent value for money
- High chemical resistance
- Non-toxic
- Inert to content
- Little dimensional stability
- Easy processing
- Waterproof

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