High density polyethylene




Carbon and Hydrogen

High Density Polyethylene is a compound made by a chain through carbon and hydrogen, being a malleable material and allowing it to be reused.

It has greater crystallinity, low chemical reactivity and is stable in alkaline solutions of any concentration and in saline solutions, regardless of pH.

It is resistant and durable, waterproof, non-toxic, has mechanical qualities that can remain unchanged for a long time and has little dimensional stability.

As it consists only of hydrogen and carbon, the product is non-toxic and has great chemical resistance, it is not soluble at room temperature with any solvent, it is heat resistant and its mechanical characteristics are influenced by molecular weight, branching content, by morphological structure and orientation. It is a versatile product in relation to its applications, being used in several areas and segments and the products resulting from its use have superior qualities to other plastics and other polyethylenes.

It has a structure practically free of ramifications, with high density and high molecular strength. It is a rigid plastic, resistant to traction, tension and compression, and with moderate impact resistance.
Code: Polipack 001

Size: 25 kilos


- Heat Shrink Films
- Plastic bags
- Crates
- Pallets
- Housewares
- Sanitary Seats
- Helmets
- Detergents, Surfactants and Cosmetics Packaging
- Automotive Reservoirs
- Chemical product canisters
- Toys
- Covers
- Pots
- Cables
- Corrugated tubes
- Wire Insulation
- Chopped Reels
- Boxes for Industrial Use
- Frozen bags
- Garbage bag
- Grocery bags

Technical Features:

- High Crystallinity
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Resistant to high temperatures
- High resistance to tension, compression and traction
- Low density compared to metals and other materials
- Greater hardness, scratch resistance and rigidity compared to LDPE
- Waterproof
- Inert to content
- Low reactivity
- Low cost
- Recyclable

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